There are a number of tools and services offered at the Nodes to aid in the access, transfer and management of research data. Each service has been assigned a category for simplification, but most services would span multiple categories. Please get in contact with your Node to learn more about how linking research data tools and services to your storage can make your data more usable, accessible and organised.


Data Transfer

Tools that enable the rapid and secure transfer of data into (ingest) and from (egress) node data storage. Data may be transferred between nodes and from nodes to researchers. This includes movement of data via high speed networks as well as transportation of physical media (eg hard/flash drives) to enable local, high speed ingest where researcher access to high speed networks is not available.

Data Management

Tools to organise your data. This often involves storing metadata, sharing tools, searching tools, and providing a history of changes to datasets. The services may incorporate a range of other functions including data access and transfer as well as data hosting and sharing.


Workflow tools enable simple, repeatable and shareable research data management processes, typically within a research domain. For example, a workflow tool may often collect data directly from analysis instruments and streamline the access and organisation of the data as well as assigning metadata.

Service Portal

The web “shop front” and main entry point for node research cloud services accessed via your browser. Node portals offer a broad array of resources and information including requests for services, registration, support and knowledge bases, and tools for managing data.

Summary of Tools and Services Related to Data Storage

This table provides a broad overview of some of the data storage services and tools available at the different RDS Nodes in Australia. For more detailed information on these storage-related products and more, please follow the links to the Node websites or click "Ask For Help" at the top of this page.

Node Service Name Category
Features Links
QCIF QRIScloud portal Service Portal QCIF’s web portal to manage access to research data and compute services user guide
QCIF Aspera Data Transfer A tool for accessing and moving data at high speed user guide
QCIF Mediaflux Data Management Manage and share digital media with version control and metadata collection user guide
QCIF Hoover/ Dustbuster Data Transfer Fast ingest of data from your hard drives on QCIF premises/ Load your data to QCIF portable hard drives on your premises information
QCIF ReDBox Workflow Primarily a research data registry, ReDBox provides workflows and interfaces for the creation of metadata. ReDBox allows for the upload of data as well as supporting evidence files (e.g licences or IP statements). information
VicNode Figshare Sharing Partnership with UoM and Monash. Intended for the “long tail” of researchers (small datasets, common file formats). Preserves versions, creates metadata records, create DOIs. information
VicNode Aspera Data transfer A tool for accessing and moving data at high speed user guide
VicNode Mediaflux Data Management A flexible environment to manage and collaborate around all types of research data information
VicNode Daris Workflow Within the “Mediaflux” platform, Daris is specialised for medical imaging data from instruments information
VicNode ownCloud (pilot) Sharing Cloud-based file hosting (like “dropbox”) information
VicNode MyTardis Workflow A tool that can integrate with scientific instruments and research lab file storage, and provides online collaboration around this data. information
Intersect DIVER Data Management Research data capture and sharing application that provides a full lifecycle research data management solution out-of-the-box. information
Intersect OwnTime Cloud Computing OwnTime is an Intersect cloud computing service providing virtual computation. OwnTime provides access to large VM configurations - up to 64 Cores and 1000GB RAM that computer intensive applications may require. 
Intersect  Launchpod Research Tool  Launchpod is a tool to deploy virtual machines (VMs) on the NeCTAR Research Cloud with one of a number of preconfigured research-based software applications. Launchpod is designed like a wizard; it will take care of the technical aspects of spawning a VM by asking you some details.   information
Pawsey Data Portal Service Portal / Data Management Pawsey’s “Mediaflux” storage management framework allows users to upload and download moderate amounts of data in a browser based portal user guide