All users should regularly backup important data and delete unwanted images and data.

Nectar does not provide Backup of Data as a service and that you need to arrange your own backups.  Backups can be arranged via your node or you may be able to do them yourself to other storage you have access to. We do have a support article with some advice for conducting backups.

Users of Object Storage (Swift) are reminded that although Swift is engineered to be very reliable and resilient it is not the same as taking backups of your data.   Backups allow you to recover your data to a previous point in time protecting against accidental deletion or damage by editors or applications.   Unless you have natural points of time in your workflow where you do your backups, the the end of the year is a good time as any to do a backup.

Nectar and RDS recommend that your regularly review your image and data files that you have stored on Nectar storage facilities:

  • delete unwanted images and 
  • archive/backup and then delete data that you no longer use or need access to on the Research Cloud.

Please email if you would like more information.