System Status

For the current system status of the ARDC Nectar Research Cloud, service announcements, and analytics, please visit the System Status website.

Outages and Service Announcements

Service announcements are shared on the System Status website notifying users of the current status of any scheduled or unscheduled outages. Announcements are regularly updated with current information, and will be marked as completed or resolved once the outage has ended.

Known Issues

Known issues are shared on the Known Issue Discussion Forum and in Announcements. Posts are updated as "[Resolved]" once an issue has been resolved.

We are currently aware of the following persistent issues:

Deleting a project's DNS zone

If you delete a project's default DNS zone, you will not be able to recreate it.

Workaround: Please create a support ticket.

"m1" and "m2" Flavors

Nectar Flavors "m1" and "m2" are deprecated, and you cannot relaunch using these. 

Workaround: Please use one of the  available flavor option, as listed on our Nectar Flavors support article.

Security vulnerabilities affecting Cinder, Glance and Nova

OpenStack has released to the public new vulnerabilities affecting Cinder, Glance and Nova. These vulnerabilities are tracked by CVE-2024-32498. For Current information, please read the Service Announcement.

Workaround: As Nectar has the ability to build our own packages and container images, we were able to patch the vulnerabilities before they were made public.

Unknown Issues

If you have an issue not listed in this article, please request help from our Support Team by creating a support ticket. You can also access information and support through the Support Centre.