Build your practical cloud skills & knowledge with Nectar Research Cloud learning resources, which have varying modes of delivery to suit different user's needs. 

All training provided is free.

Community Meetups 

These events are a way for the Nectar user community to come together to hear about interesting use cases with guest speakers, ask questions and more. 

New to Nectar Community meetup

Friday 15th June 


Register here.

This is the first community meetup for the Nectar Cloud!

This event is perfect for researchers who would like to know what the Cloud is, use cases for research and Nectar Cloud services available for researchers. You may not need to learn practical skills just yet, but want to know how the cloud can work for you. 

There will be a short presentation followed by Q/A time.

Online live training 

Security on the Nectar Cloud

Friday 26th May 


Register here.

This training is an overview of security practices for Nectar Research Cloud users, including what you can do on the Dashboard, your Virtual Machine and other general tips.

It is expected participants have a basic understanding of using the Nectar Cloud before attending this session (ideally having attended an Introductory training)

Using Containers on the Nectar Cloud

Tuesday 30th May 


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A detailed hands-on training session, designed to give researchers basic experience with starting, managing and using the Docker platform

What will be covered:

  • What is a container?
  • What is Docker and Basic Terminology
  • How to deploy basic applications in a Docker Container
  • Basic Docker Commands
  • What's a Docker file and how do I create one?

If you are interested in training, sign up for updates via our Expression of Interest form, and we will keep you updated as to when more training comes available.

Self paced materials

Self Help Knowledge Base Articles 

These articles provide further contextual information about the various elements (e.g. storage, security etc) and services of the Nectar Cloud. Access the self help articles

On Demand -  Self Paced Online Tutorials 

Our technical tutorials are for beginner, intermediate and advanced users and we also explain some of our non-technical topics. View the tutorial site here: