[Hazard Notice] monash-02 zone network upgrade 28/9/16 1600 - 2200 AEST

On Wednesday 28th September from 4pm there will be upgrades to network fabric switches in the monash-02 zone of the Research Cloud. This work is expected to be non-disruptive, however in the event of switch software issues there may be some short (1-2 minute) network outages as redundant pairs synchronise. This topic will be updated with progress, issues and completion information as they become available.

The first update is now being applied.

The first update is complete. Some connectivity issues were experienced, though impact is unknown this may have caused I/O interruptions to volume storage within monash-02. Updates are continuing...

Unfortunately during the last update the spine fabric switches lost synchronisation and are to causing ongoing connectivity issues for all hosts and volume storage.

After restoring connectivity and conferring with the network vendor we are delaying the remaining upgrades pending advice from vendor's engineering.

The last significant network interruption associated with this work was resolved at approx 21:07 AEST.

We regret any inconvenience caused by these interruptions. If you require any assistance triaging instances please log a support request via the Nectar helpdesk.

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