All Nectar Research Cloud sites work together to provide a common interface for access to cloud resources with a high level of interoperability across all these sites. Most of the services provided by the Research Cloud are supported at all sites in the federation.

There are some useful Nectar cloud services which are currently available only at particular sites in the Nectar federation. The matrix below specifies the main services of this kind, and the sites where they are available. Advanced networking and shared file system are expected to become available at other sites in the near future.

Nectar Site
Advanced Networking
Shared File System
Big Memory VMs
Windows VMs
Volume Storage Backup
Uni Melb










Advanced Networking

Advanced Networking allows for projects to have a more advanced networking configuration for their Virtual Machines. This includes the following features:

  • Private networks
  • Floating IPs
  • Load Balancer-as-a-Service (LBaas)

See the Advanced Networking support page for more information.

* the eRSA site currently requires access to Floating IPs from another site and does not supply Floating IPs of its own.

Shared File System Service

The Nectar shared filesystem service provides a simple interface for provisioning and managing shared file systems that can be mounted on multiple Virtual Machines. Access to these systems can be via NFS, CIFS (SMB) or CEPHFS, depending on the site.

 See the Shared File System service support page for more information.


Graphics processing units (GPUs) are available at some sites for special workloads. Access to GPUs are available by arrangement with the particular site. Please file a request with our helpdesk if you are interested.

Big Memory

Standard Nectar flavors provide up to 64GB RAM with the m1.xxlarge flavor. Some Nectar sites can provide Virtual Machine flavors that exceed this, generally by arrangement with the site.

  • University of Melbourne, TPAC and Auckland can provide VMs with up to 256GB RAM.
  • Intersect have big memory nodes available with 512GB and 1TB RAM.

Windows VMs

Due to Microsoft licensing requirements, access to Windows for Virtual Machines is by arrangement with the particular site. Please file a request with our helpdesk if you’re interested.

Volume Storage backup

Some sites do not support the Volume Storage backup service. Please contact our helpdesk if you’d like to discuss backup arrangements for Volume Storage at sites where the Volume Storage backup service is not available.