Windows instances are assessed on a case-by-case basis. Log a support request to request to run a windows instance at TPAC. 

University of Melbourne

Windows images can be provided to allocations running on the private Melbourne Research Cloud.


Windows Server 2022 instances are available for QRIScloud users. We currently offer a single flavour (16 vCPUs, 32GB RAM, 100GB root disk) for use with the Windows Server image. On approval, your Nectar project will be granted access to the custom flavour and be invited to use the private image. You will need to accept the invitation to use the image (using the OpenStack CLI) prior to being able to launch a VM instance. Initial connection to the VM will need to be done via the Console tab on the Nectar dashboard, as RDP has been turned off by default. The instance is licensed for a single user session.

As with all other VMs on the Nectar Research Cloud, administration of the VM is the responsibility of the Project Manager.

Log a support request to request a QRIScloud Windows instance.


Windows is supported to Intersect members by arrangement. The University of the user must provide their own Windows licenses. Log a support request to arrange with Intersect to run a windows instance.

Monash University

Window server (2012 Standard R2 and Window 2016) images are available for Monash users who have VMs on Monash owned hardware.

Supporting Windows server administration is generally the users' responsibility and Monash research cloud user engagement team's assistance is available as a best effort. Please log a support request if you require assistance with a Windows at Monash.

University of Auckland

How to access Windows VMs in Auckland cluster

University of Auckland offer Windows instances for UoA researchers with full Nectar projects (i.e. not for the temporary project trials). Due to licensing restrictions, you will need to access these from either on-campus physical networks, or via the UoA VPN connection. At this time, usage is suitable for a maximum of two concurrent users. We do have other solutions available for Windows research VMs, so please reach out if you'd like more information.